The Stories of Male Survivors Overcoming Sexual Trauma

Meet The Co-Authors

Echoes is an anthology project that exists to humanize the lived experiences of male survivors of sexual trauma. Often time men's stories go unheard and they are forced to suffer in silence and shame. Echoes is a book that shares the truths about the effects of sexual trauma and the impact it has on the lives of men. In this book, you will hear the stories of men from all walks of life and given a framework to understand sexual violence. This book is ground-breaking and will open up the eyes and hearts of survivors of sexual violence and serve as a roadmap on their own journies to wholeness.


"Sex is an activity that engages the most powerful parts of the human body which are gateways to our divine nature. Plainly put it unlocks our “god-likeness” and releases our creative energy and juices needed to create life. The challenge is that we live in a world where this power is grossly taken for granted, abused, or used as a weapon to manipulate, control, or conquer instead of reproducing light and love.

This is the beginning of sexual trauma."


- Robert H. Marshall Jr.