What Every Man Needs To Know

The purpose of this book is to give men the tools needed to navigate through seasons of transition and definition. Whether you are in transition to or from college, marriage, or career, these inward truths will speak to the core of who you are as a man and encourage you to become the best version of yourself. These guiding principles are truly one size fits all! What Every Man Needs To Know is a needed playbook for men who want to become the best versions of themselves and level-up. It will help men and women alike understand what inward truths need to be instilled in their sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers to live a truly successful and fulfilled life. With practical guidance and a strong spiritual foundation, Marshall, Weathersby, and Donahue share personal stories, research, and life lessons, to teach how to cultivate actual life-changing spiritual, emotional, and psychological attributes of servant leadership at home and in the world.


Just Believe Reasons Why Your Faith Matter

Just Believe was written to inspire, invoke, and ignite a culture of life-giving faith around the world. More than ever, in times like this, when the media, worldly systems, and modern culture attempts to discredit and damage the reputation of Jesus and His church, we need to be charged and reminded why our faith in Jesus matters.

Just Beleive Devotional: The Just Believe Devotional is a 10-day conversation between God, faith, and life challenges. For many people, neither often make sense and can even feel like they are at war with each other. This is a co-written 10-Day Devotional written to inspire, awaken, and charge people to reconcile with God, themselves, and their faith.

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Solo Cree: Razones por las cuales tu fe importa

Solo Cree es un libro poderoso que fue escrito para animar a personas que estén luchando con su fe o que solo estén buscando una oportunidad para fortalecer lo que ya existe. Este libro aumentara su fe y silenciara sus temores y le ayudara a confrontar su dolor y retos en su vida que han sembrado semillas de duda en su corazón. Lo gracioso de la fe es que Dios no nos pide que comencemos con mucha, pero más bien que le permitamos el espacio y la posibilidad para crecer. Mi oración es que este libro le lleve en una jornada que lo dirija a que su fe sea fortalecida.


Little Brown Boy

Little Brown Boy’s inspirational message makes it a perfect gift for brown boys around the world. The simplicity of its message touches the heart of children and speaks to the inner boy in every adult male that reads it. This book is an affirmation for young boys to dream big without limitation. Through playful, and vivid illustrations, Little Brown Boy motivates young readers to learn and be proud of their own cultural heritage and gifts and how they fit into the world as they grow, explore, and begin to create for themselves. The joys of being a Little Brown Boy is a vividly illustrated, culturally-based children’s book that brings the lived experiences of Little Brown Boys from various backgrounds to life. Little Brown Boy will give your Little Brown Boy the confidence and esteem to be bold and proud of his brown skin.